Merchant’s Heart was invented and launched in 6 months

Lucozade Ribena Suntory


We were tasked by Lucozade Ribena Suntory (LRS) to create a cultural shift that would catalyse creativity and innovation across the whole company. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?


It’s easy to talk about changing but it’s much harder to actually change. The only way you create change is through doing.

We saw an opportunity for the company to shift from its old ways of product development, i.e. two-year development cycles and traditional approaches to communications, to the new Suntory way of trailblazing innovation that shifts cultural expectations and habits.

LRS needed to make the transition from talking about change to demonstrating change, so it was decided that the first manifestation of this would be to invent and launch a range of premium mixers that could go to market within six months.

In order for this project to launch within 6 months, and demonstrate a different approach to product and brand development, it had to sit outside the habitual LRS work streams and processes, whilst still tapping into some of the expertise in the company.


Merchant’s Heart was launched into 10 beta bars in London during December 2015 – just six months after our first conversation about the project. During the Annual Global Suntory Research and Development Conference in Japan, Merchant’s Heart was voted as the most popular new product development of the year. We credit its success to the collaborative approach taken in developing this product and the multidisciplinary team’s vision for how to bring it to market.

EARN have helped transform our culture to live and breathe innovative thinking. We have happy people who are delivering great results

Peter Harding, CEO Lucozade Ribena Suntory