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Magazine for drink-makers


Sold in bespoke magazine sellers and distributed to over 500 bartenders and 2,000 venues

When we created Merchant’s Heart, we knew that to launch into an established category, one that was so dominated by Fever Tree, we would need to operate differently in order to make any impact commercially. We needed to put ourselves right at the heart of the culture we existed in – the world of bartending.

Bartending culture is an incredibly interesting and dynamic space. Full of dedicated, creative people doing really interesting things. With the explosion of craft spirits, this culture has started to impact the mainstream, where people are seeking new and interesting drinks experiences and the stories that go with them.


KANPAi! has been created to shine a spotlight on this world and to give back something valuable to the people that are using Merchant’s Heart and those that we want to use it.

Whilst it comes from Merchant’s Heart, it is run by an independent editorial team in order to create the most authentic content and be a genuine contributor and voice within the drinks world.


Commercially, the goal is that it helps the Merchant’s Heart brand open up new accounts. It acts as a conversation starter around the brand and enables us to get into venue’s where Merchant’s Heart is currently locked out of due to existing deals with competitors. A secondary goal is that the magazine becomes commercially self sufficient through the advertising that it sells to drink brands.


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